'Air Fare America' Casting Begins

Here's your chance to star in a reality TV show.

Air Fare America Logo

Air Fare America Logo

If you're an experienced pilot with a sparkling personality and a burning desire to star in your own reality TV series, read on. The producers of "Air Fare America," a new travel show in development for cable TV, announced they are now casting for the show's star.

The series seeks to combine three of television's most successful genres — food, travel and treasure hunting — as its three hosts (a pilot, a chef and a picker) visit small airfields to sample the menus at airport eateries, poke around the hangars searching for aviation treasures and talk with the interesting folks they meet along the way.

The producers say the three hosts they are seeking should meet the following criteria:

Pilot: An enthusiastic adventure-seeker, very experienced and highly rated; interested in flying all types of aircraft.

Chef: Outgoing and personable; skilled cook eager to explore local airport restaurants and challenge the chef's menu with a new and tasty signature dish.

Picker: Knowledgeable and passionate; an aviation junkie with desire to discover the gems and hidden treasures found on the fields and in the hangars.

Candidates must complete an online form and provide a headshot, resume and brief write-up describing their interest, credentials and any on-camera experience.

Visit www.airfareamerica.com/casting for information and to apply.

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