Video: Inspiring a Toddler to Fly

Father builds special flight simulator for the holidays.

Michael Raisch, a father in Jersey City, New Jersey, found a new way to bring his passion for flight to his 2-year-old daughter over the holidays. Alongside the Christmas tree in the family’s living room, Raisch built a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator, complete with an enclosed cockpit and several rows of seats that his daughter filled with stuffed animals.

Looking out of the windows of the simulator’s cockpit, the pilot and passengers can view the flight environment on a big-screen TV displaying Microsoft Flight Simulator’s software, which is controlled through a joystick and control panel inside the mock cockpit.

Here is a video showing the first flight of the simulator, which Raisch appropriately calls ToddlerAir. The excitement in the little girls face is likely well worth the effort spent by her father to put together this special piece of equipment.

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