Beech Adds X Factor to King Air 90

The new Beechcraft King Air C90GTx will have a higher maximum takeoff weight, and winglets to cut drag, so it will carry more payload farther and faster. And the "x" package can be retrofitted to many existing airplanes in the King Air 90 family.

The new version increases the maximum takeoff weight of the King Air by 385 pounds, while adding only 35 pounds to the empty weight. That's an increase of 350 pounds in useful load. That provides 737 pounds of cabin payload, not counting the weight of the single required pilot, with full fuel. The x version can carry four passengers 195 nm farther than the previous 90GTi airplane at high speed cruise. The winglets make the wing fly as though it were longer and is thus more efficient in climb and cruise, so the extra fuel allowed by the increase takeoff weight goes farther.

The 90GTx has the same Collins Pro Line 21 integrated flat glass avionics system as before, but the sculptured control wheels of the Premier have been added. Deliveries of the 90GTx are scheduled for early next year. Retrofitting existing airplanes will be handled through the Hawker Beechcraft service network.


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