A Look at Levil Aviation’s Broadcasting Outer Module

Levil Aviation’s Broadcasting Outer Module (BOM) resembles a tiny radar pod when installed beneath the wing of an aircraft. The BOM wirelessly transmits a variety of flight information to the cockpit for use by iOS and Android tablets and other devices. The pod contains a WAAS GPS sensor for aircraft position information, an AHRS for attitude and heading, an ADS-B In traffic and weather receiver, angle-of-attack information, a pitot tube for derived wind speed and direction, and flight data logging. The BOM includes an additional heated pitot source for airspeed information. Because the BOM is not a required system, it can be installed as a safety backup.

The BOM requires no hard wiring to the cockpit, not even for a power source thanks to the device’s slipstream-powered generator that charges the onboard battery. The pilot can’t even forget to turn the unit on or off because it powers itself on and off automatically by sensing the vibration of the engine.

The unit can be attached beneath the wing of any aircraft with a top speed of no more than 210 knots. The BOM weighs just 1 pound, and measures 10 inches long and 3.7 inches tall. The system is also delivered with an 8-gigabyte SD card for recording thousands of hours of flight data.

Including ADS-B In capability, the BOM lists for about $2,000 at Levil.


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