#Live2Fly Series: How Kim Ewing Gill Went from Flying a Glider to Piloting 747s

A family offer helped her realize that she could fuel her love for aviation and see the world as an airline pilot.

It wasn’t until Kim Ewing Gill’s aunt and uncle invited her to hit the skies in their glider that she realized she had a bright future in aviation. “It was like going from seeing the world in black and white to seeing the world in color,” she says of the initial experience, and that was when the light bulb went off. Soon after, she discovered the opportunities available at Embry-Riddle and particularly the “direct path” to achieving her newfound aviation goals.

After five years of building experience and gaining valuable knowledge as a pilot for ExpressJet, Kim took the leap to Atlas Air, not only so she could pilot bigger planes, but also so she could see the world. Today, she flies 747s as a first officer, and it’s an opportunity she never thought she would have, and it also creates other opportunities she never imagined. “It’s afforded me the opportunity to experience cultures I just wouldn’t have had a chance to,” she says. “I traveled more in my first month on the line at Atlas Air then I had in my entire life. It’s very fulfilling.”

Watch Kim's story above to learn more about her experiences and the opportunities available for young pilots.

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