Jeppesen Streamlines Avionics Database Updates

Partnership with Bad Elf provides operators of a wide range of airplane types wireless database updates.

The Bad Elf Wombat works with the Jeppesen Distribution Manager, allowing operators to update avionics databases wirelessly.Boeing Global Services

Jeppesen has updated its Jeppesen Distribution Manager (JDM) and added wireless updating capabilities through Bad Elf's Wombat portable device. The new system allows operators to complete the entire process of updating panel-mounted avionics right at the airport with a smartphone or other portable Internet-accessible device. The process works for a variety of legacy avionics. Previously, the database update would have to be done through a desktop, laptop or other device with a USB port.

In order to update the avionics’ data cards, the portable device accesses the JDM, downloads the new database, and then transfers it to the Wombat. The database cards from the panel-mounted avionics are then inserted into ports on the Wombat to complete the data transfer.

The Bad Elf Wombat is available in two versions: piston and turbine. The piston version costs $250 and is currently compatible with most of Garmin and Avidyne’s avionics systems. Compatibility for additional systems, including Aspen, Dynon, Advanced Flight Systems, Genesys, Grand Rapids and MGL, will be available soon.

The turbine version currently covers Honeywell and Rockwell Collins systems and costs $500. It will soon be compatible with Universal Avionics and Garmin’s G3000 and G5000 systems. The turboprop versions of the G3000, currently installed in the Daher TBM 930 and Piper M600, are already compatible with the Wombat.

Jeppesen says that the JDM/Bad Elf Wombat data transfer will be available to more than 80 percent of its customers. The Wombat is also compatible with some engine log- and flight apps.