Jeppesen Launches Improved Airline Crew Fatigue App

Jeppesen’s CrewAlert App

Jeppesen and partner Gael Ltd. of the UK have created an upgraded Apple iOS app for airlines that is designed to automatically track and report crew fatigue.

Thanks to the collaboration, Jeppesen’s latest version of its CrewAlert fatigue risk management app is now able to submit crew fatigue reports directly into Gael’s Q-Pulse safety management system (SMS). The coordination allows airlines to create safety reports that can help uncover the root causes of crew fatigue, the companies say.

The upgraded app meets International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines that call for airline crew fatigue reporting to be “easy to access, complete and submit.” The app also meets an ICAO recommendation for airlines to integrate a fatigue risk management system into its normal safety reporting process.

“Not only does Jeppesen CrewAlert simplify the fatigue reporting process compared to filling out legacy paper or electronic forms, but the airline safety team also will receive more detailed, higher quality information,” said Tomas Klemets, head of scheduling safety at Jeppesen.

Jeppesen says its mobile CrewAlert app, designed to run on Apple iPads, provides insight into how sleep science applies to crew schedules. The app allows for data, collected in actual operations, to be fed back into an airline’s SMS to correlate with other pilot data.


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