Video: Jeppesen Aviator EFB App Reviewed

App created jointly by Jeppesen and Boeing integrates flight information in one central location.

Jeppesen’s Aviator app takes a simple idea and expands it to airliner cockpits, where iPads and other tablet electronic flight bags have become ubiquitous.

Airline pilots these days depend on their iPads to access information from several different apps during a given flight. Switching back and forth between apps can be cumbersome and involve considerable head-down time. Jeppesen Aviator solves this problem by integrating several flight apps in one central location on an EFB.

A configurable dashboard in Aviator presents vital flight information pilots will want to view, gathered from multiple app sources. By making multiple apps available from a central location with a common user interface, Aviator lets pilots access key flight information at a glance and easily navigate between apps.

From the dashboard, pilots can access four modules: Briefing, Weather, Content Viewer and Utilities. Aviator also interfaces with third-party app for a seamless data-sharing and navigation experience.

Aviator is the result of a joint development process between Jeppesen and parent company Boeing to understand airline customer needs related to EFB functionality, provided in a single, integrated flight deck resource. Aviator combines multiple Jeppesen and Boeing EFB functions in one framework for airline and military pilots, including Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro, Jeppesen Content Viewer, Electronic Flight Folder and Onboard Performance Tool.

Aviator is also compatible with airlines’ own Software Development Kits (SDK), allowing for integration of the tool with approved applications to expand an airline's EFB suite across fleet and operations.

Jeppesen notes that Aviator features multiple sources of information redundancy, to ensure operational continuity and reduce the risk of grounded aircraft. This includes the digital navigation backup solution Trip Kit on Demand, backup stored flight plans and device-to-device synching to share flight plans, flight information and trip kits, ensuring the flight crew has the same information across their mobile devices.

Aviator also makes training easier through the common interface platform and familiar functionality across all Aviator features.