Hartzell Propeller Extends Top Prop Warranty

Protection covers almost all Hartzell propellers.

Hartzell Top Prop
Hartzell has extended its warranty on Top Prop conversion propellors through the first overhaul.Rob Mark

Hartzell Propeller just extended the warranty on its Top Prop conversion propellers through the first overhaul, a move considered one of the longest propeller warranties in the general aviation industry. The new warranty becomes effective on the company’s entire line of Top Props delivered after July 1, 2016, and extends Hartzell’s standard three-year, 1,000-hour coverage. Like the Hartzell Propeller recommended TBO, the warranty periods have both a flight hour and calendar component, whichever occurs first, with some exclusions.

Top Prop warranty periods vary according to the propeller type and utilization under Hartzell's recommended TBO intervals, as published in Service Letter HC-SL-61-61Y. A few examples of changes to the warranty periods include an increase to 2,400 hours or 72 months for two-, three- or four-blade Compact and Bantam Propellers with aluminum or composite blades. For three-, four- or five-blade steel-hub turbine propellers with aluminum or composite blades, the warranty becomes 3,000 hours or 60 months. Operators of four- and five-blade lightweight turbine and Raptor propellers with aluminum or composite blades, the time limits change to 4,000 hours or 72 months.