Top Aviation Gifts for Father’s Day: High-Flying Surprises for Dad

Surprise your aviation-loving dad with our curated selection of the best aviation-themed gifts for Father's Day. From stylish accessories to essential flight gear, these presents are perfect for those with their heads in the clouds.

Quicklook: Best Aviation Gifts for Dad

Up His Wardrobe: Flying Fashion

Give your dad's wardrobe a lift with's aviation-themed clothing. FLYING Magazine covers and accessories. With a range of products from t-shirts to keychains, it's a one-stop-shop for all aviation lovers.

Phone Case from Home Airport

Any time dad pulls out his phone, he'll be able to show off his home airport. Any pilot that sees his phone case will know exactly what his home airport is!

Price: $25.33

Take Notes and Represent Your Airport

Gift your dad a unique aviation keepsake this Father's Day - a notebook adorned with a high-resolution VFR sectional map of an airport of your choice. It's not just a notebook, it's a piece of his favorite airport he can hold.

Price: $15.34

Peel, Stick, Fly

Every time your dad uses his favorite item sporting our high-resolution VFR sectional map sticker, he'll proudly display his love for flying and his favorite airport. A unique gift that any fellow aviator will instantly recognize, it's a daily salute to his passion and a way for him to carry his aviation pride with him.

Price: $3.14

What's your airport code?

In this customizable airport identifier T-shirt, your dad will wear his love for his favorite airport for everyone to see. It's more than just a tee, it's an instant conversation starter and a stylish testament to his passion for flying.

Price: 29.35

Cap-tivating Dad's Aviation Love

Your dad will surely tip his hat to this customizable airport identifier cap. Not just any hat, this one sports his favorite airport's unique code on the crown - because where else can he wear his passion for flying on his sleeve, or rather, on his head!

Price: Different styles starting at $26.33

The Pilot's Periodical

A subscription to FLYING Magazine will keep your dad up-to-date with the latest in aviation. The print and digital subscription combo ensures he can read up on the fly or kick back at home with the physical edition.

Price: Subscriptions start at $19/year.

A Single Flight

Can't commit to a full subscription? Consider gifting a single issue of FLYING Magazine. It's a great taste of what the magazine offers without the full commitment.

Price: $13.00 per issue

Miniature Masterpieces

Help him bring the joy of aviation into the living room with's detailed airplane models. Whether he's a fan of Cessnas or Boeings, he'll find a model that suits his fancy.

Price: Varies

Silent Skies

The Bose A30 headset is a pilot's dream come true. With its advanced noise-cancelling technology and comfortable fit, it will make his flights serene and stress-free.

Price: $1299.

Time to Fly

The Garmin D2 Air X10 watch is a piece of technology that any aviation enthusiast will appreciate. With features specifically designed for pilots, it's the perfect blend of practicality and style.

Price: $499.

Smart Sky Navigation

Equip your dad with a new iPad and a subscription to Foreflight. The app offers comprehensive flight planning tools, making them indispensable companions for any aviator.

Price: Varies

Bag It Up

The Flight Outfitters flight bags are a handy and stylish solution for pilots. With room for everything from headsets to charts, they're the ideal companion for any flight.

Price: Available from $49.95.

Step into the Skies

Round out your dad's pilot attire with Lift Aviation shoes. Designed for comfort and durability, these shoes are perfect for long days at the controls or on the ground.

Price: Available from $139.

Remember, it's not just the gift but the thought that counts. By choosing a present from this list, you'll show your dad that you appreciate his love for aviation this Father's Day.

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