Got a Hangar Project?

Might as well distance socially in the comforting presence of your airplane.

What do pilots do when they’re not flying? Good question. While we’ve been featuring a host of educational resources for you, perhaps you’d rather keep your hands busy with a good solid DIY effort. Here’s a round-up of products and sources that may come in handy as you use the current social-distancing protocols to tackle a host of hangar projects, cleaning and updating your airplane and environment.

Koenig has a line of polishes, cleaners, and degreasers to assist with any sprucing up you might do on your airplane. By applying a coat of a polishing product suited to the task, you can remove engine exhaust and oil stains and repel them down the road, as well as keep bugs, dirt, and oxidation at bay. Koenig has a product for just about every surface on your airplane, including plexiglass, lexan, metal, plastic—and paint.

Looking at going a step further, towards a new look for your airplane? Stewart Systems—known as a producer of aircraft fabric recovering products—has a line of materials designed to strip, prep, and paint aircraft as well. The strip and prep products are safe to work with, and can be used on both composite and metal surfaces. Stewart Systems ExoCrylic coating features deep colors and creates a high-gloss finish. You can request a free sample from the company, or you can order through Aircraft Spruce & Specialty.

For general upkeep and hangar upgrading, you may draw upon your inner Family Handyman and get around to building that shelving or a workbench you can use for future efforts. If you don’t want to brave the local hardware store, Harbor Freight is up and operational and ready to ship the tools you need straight to your self-isolating location. We also hear that the standard blue shop towels from the roll make decent filters for your home-sewn mask.


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