Hartzell Offers New Props for Baron 58s

Tweaking the prop can make a big difference in terms of noise, performance and efficiency, and when there are two props...


Hartzell announced it has earned FAA approval to install its new high-performance scimitar three-blade "Top Props" on all naturally aspirated models of the Beech Baron 58s. Previously the new propellers had been approved only for Barons with electrothermal prop ice protection, but now airplanes with fluid anti-ice, or those with no ice protection, are included. The only requirement is that the Baron still have the same type of engine that it left the factory with.

At 75 inches in diameter the new propellers are shorter than many props installed on Barons, providing more ground clearance, but the high-tech airfoils promise to be more efficient in all phases of flight. Also, Hartzell has created new "travel tubes and slingers" to carry the anti-ice fluid more evenly and dependably to the prop blades.

The pair of Top Props costs $25,495 and includes polished spinners, the anti-ice fluid slinger equipment and installation hardware. The price does not include trade-in or market value for the existing props. Hartzell warranties the propellers for three years or 1,000 hours, and recommended TBO is set at six years or 2,400 hours. For information, call 937/778-4310 or see hartzellprop.com.