GA Advancing America Lands in Colorado

NATA initiated the tour to demonstrate the power of local airports.

With the uncertainty lingering around the best way to navigate flight on the airlines during the current pandemic, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has embarked on a tour of the US, visiting rural and suburban airports in a bid to demonstrate their utility to local communities. General Aviation Advancing America gatherings bring together aviation, civic, and business leaders so that they can exchange ideas and concerns in a town-hall format.

The Northern Colorado Regional Airport (KFNL), located between Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado, and jointly managed by both townships—has seen a steady flow of flight training in recent months. NATA’s GA Advancing America tour gained the attention of local news outlets highlighting the value of general aviation, and its unique proposition in these unusual times. NATA senior vice president of aircraft management, air charter services, and MROs Ryan Waguespack visited KFNL during a swing through Colorado on August 13, and met with community officials as well as the media. The tour also took NATA to Longmont (KLMO), Salida (KANK), Meadow Lake (KFLY) near Colorado Springs, and Greeley-Weld County Airport (KGXY). The first four airports bring more than $143 million in annual revenue for their local communities, and their tenants supply 1,879 jobs.

Last week, Waguespack and Tim Obitts, president and CEO of NATA, visited additional airports in Bakersfield, California, and Elko, Nevada, during the week of August 17 to 21, with more to come. Upcoming locations include (subject to change; check the NATA site for more information):

Alcoa, Tennessee – August 26

Greenville, South Carolina – August 27

Jacksonville, Florida – August 27

Tallahassee, Florida – August 28

Union Springs, Alabama – TBA

Waterford Township, Michigan – September 14

Indianapolis, Indiana – September 15

Wheeling, Illinois – September 16


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