NASA Launches ATC and Trivia Games

New games intended for both fun and education.

ATC Game

ATC Game

NASA's new ATC game called Sector 33

NASA just released a few new games hand-crafted for budding aviation enthusiasts and space trivia buffs alike.

The first, called Sector 33, is an educational app that allows players to assume the role of an air traffic controller. Players can alter an aircraft’s speed and path as they work to safely and efficiently manage traffic traveling through a slice of airspace across Nevada and California.

The game, intended for students in middle school and up, is available for free download on iPhone and iPad devices. An Android version is also currently in development.

NASA’s other new game, called Space Race Blast Off, is offered via Facebook and allows users to put their knowledge of NASA history to the test. Users can either play solo or against others, and potential questions range from NASA technology to pop culture. The game is the first of its kind offered by the agency.