Final Global 7000 Joins Flight Test Fleet

Certification program is speeding ahead to a mid-year entry into service.

Global FTV5 departs from Toronto on its maiden voyage.Bombardier

Bombardier has successfully flown FTV5, the final Global 7000 prototype test aircraft. FTV5, nicknamed by Bombardier “The Masterpiece,” will validate tests completed earlier in the program, ensuring what is hoped to be a smooth entry-into-service for the Global 7000 later this year.

To date, Global 7000 flight testing has logged more than 1,300 flight test hours using the company’s other four aircraft. The company debuted "The Architect," the Global 7000 program's fourth flight test vehicle, in October at the NBAA Convention in Las Vegas.

The latest Global 7000, capable of carrying up to 19 passengers, features four distinct living areas, in addition to a full-size crew suite. Its modern and multi-functional kitchen features “unprecedented” storage space, a food preparation area and amenities. Using NBAA IFR reserves, the 111-foot-long Global 7000 will carry eight passengers and a crew of four a maximum of 7,400 nm. The 7000’s top speed is Mach 0.925.

The Global 7000 flight test program is progressing according to plan, said Bombardier, and in recent months has completed several significant milestones, including its first international deployment. Recent tests have successfully demonstrated the aircraft's capability in crosswinds at high-altitude airfields and in all-weather conditions.

"With over 1,300 hours of rigorous flight testing completed, the results speak to the aircraft's maturity, reliability and strong performance," stated François Caza, vice president, product development and chief engineer, product development engineering. "In addition to flight testing, we continue to successfully progress our ground test program and have now met the full airframe fatigue test milestone required by authorities for entry-into-service.”