Embry-Riddle Offers Free Online Course for New UAS Users

Drone pilots can learn the basics in a free, self-paced course.

In September, the FAA projected that one million drones would be sold around the holidays. If the estimations are correct, there are a lot of unmanned aerospace systems (UASs) taking to the skies with inexperienced pilots.

But fear not; Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide is offering a free online course for new UAS users this month.

Addressing airspace and safety issues, Embry-Riddle’s primary goal is to educate UAS users with procedures that foster safe operations.

The “Unmanned Aerospace Systems (UAS) – Key Concepts for New Users” program is a comprehensive two-week course that covers the basics of UAS-flying for recreational, public or commercial operations, including the operating environment and the do’s and don’ts of UAS-flying.

Registration is currently open to everyone — not just Embry-Riddle students — and the self-paced course will run from January 11 to 24.

Visit Embry-Riddle’s site for more information.


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