Delta 757 Suffers Uncontained Engine Failure

A Delta 757-200. Eddie Maloney/Wikimedia Commons

A Delta 757-200 bound for Orlando last Wednesday suffered an uncontained engine failure shortly after takeoff from Atlanta, Georgia (ATL). Delta Flight 1418 returned to ATL after the flight crew shut down the damaged engine, according to the Associated Press and the Orlando Sentinel.

An uncontained engine failure occurs when pieces of an operating engine break apart, creating potentially lethal shrapnel that can damage other aircraft systems or possibly passengers. The NTSB reported on Twitter that none of the 127 people on board were injured. A Southwest airlines flight experienced an uncontained engine failure earlier this year, resulting in the death of a passenger. Metal fatigue was suspected as the cause of the fan blade's failure of the Southwest airplane.

"Delta is currently cooperating with NTSB on their investigation of the engine," the airline said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.


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