Daher’s New TBM 910 Succeeds the TBM 900

Daher says the new TBM 910 can best be described in just three words: speed, reliability and connectivity. Daher

Daher said the new TBM 910, successor to the TBM 900, an aircraft already known for lightning turboprop speeds, can best be described in just three words: speed, reliability and connectivity.

The TBM 910, designed with Garmin aficionados in mind, incorporates the new G-1000 NXi flight deck along with a handful of cabin interior and safety enhancements. The G1000NXi’s provides a faster system boot-up and software loading, enabling the system to manage more aviation data and maps, including visual approach plates and additional capabilities such as enhanced situational awareness.

The 910 also comes standard with improved cockpit connectivity, allowing wireless transfer of aviation databases from the Garmin Pilot app on a mobile device to the G1000 NXi system. That translates into plenty of powered USB ports. The flight deck is also equipped with a new keyboard joystick offering more accurate panning and navigation on the multi-function display pages.

“The TBM family of very fast turboprop continues to grow with the TBM 910, an alternative to the high-end TBM 930 version,” a company spokesperson said at Sun ‘n Fun. The recently certified TBM 910 is now available for delivery.

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