Daher Launches Upgraded TBM 930

Daher unveiled the TBM 930 on Tuesday in its final assembly hangar in Tarbes, France. Le Journal de l’Aviation via Twitter

Daher, maker of the TBM 900 single-engine turboprop, unveiled the newest model in its of line business turboprops on Tuesday. But don’t expect to be able to walk over to the Daher exhibit at Sun ‘n Fun for a gander at the new TBM 930.

The latest TBM model with Garmin G3000 touch-screen avionics is an upgraded version of the 900 that Daher unveiled on Tuesday evening at a media dinner inside its final assembly hangar in Tarbes, France. Full details of the new model will be revealed to the aviation press at Sun ‘n Fun on Thursday, Daher says.

That media event is to be attended by Nicolas Chabbert, Daher senior vice president of business airplanes. There was no word on whether he will be flying from France to Lakeland, Florida, for the show in the new TBM, but there doesn’t appear to be room to put it at Daher’s Sun ‘n Fun exhibit.

Daher in February announced improvements to the G1000-equipped TBM 900, including envelope protection, AOA readout and two-way wireless link to the avionics through the Garmin Pilot app. Daher is expected to continue producing the TBM 900 even after the 930 enters service.


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