CubCrafters Launches Part 23 Certified XCub

Yakima, Washington-based company achieves certification of new two-seat taildragger.

For about six years now, CubCrafters has kept a new two-seat taildragger design under wraps. Named the XCub, that secret airplane has now been revealed as the Yakima, Washington-based company achieved the coveted Part 23 certification from the FAA for the airplane on June 2.

Since the company self-funded the new design and certification process, there was no need to make an announcement or take orders prior to having the FAA paperwork in hand. XCubs are already rolling down the factory line alongside Carbon Cubs, Sport Cubs and Top Cubs, and several dealers have placed orders for the XCub already.

XCub is designed with a wider mission profile in mind, providing more speed and cargo carrying capabilities than CubCrafters’ previous modern Cub versions. Powered by Lycoming’s 180 hp O-360 spinning a composite Hartzel Trailblazer constant speed prop, the XCub cruises at 145 mph at 75 percent power and has a useful load of 1,084 pounds.

“Our development team set out to design a Cub with terrific STOL capabilities, like our Carbon Cub LSA, but one that could travel faster and farther while easily accommodating all of the gear that a pilot and passenger might want to carry for an extended journey,” said CubCrafter CEO Jim Richmond. “Now, after receiving type certification from the FAA, I’m proud to say that XCub is much, much more than I even hoped it would be.”

We had a chance to fly the XCub recently and experience its terrific flight characteristics, resulting in part from the redesigned ailerons, which are controlled by push-rods, and stabilizing dorsal fin. See the full flight report in the July issue of Flying.


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