Sport Pilot: Basic VFR Weather Minimums

A morning of clouds puts FAR 91.155 into practice



Below video taken with Contour HD A/V-ator

Lesson 3 with First Landings Aviation got cut short. My effort to miss a likely afternoon thunderstorm by scheduling an 8 a.m. lesson didn't work this time. The clouds were already starting to build, but not enough so we couldn't get into the air for at least a half-hour lesson (thanks again to the close practice grounds). We had time to work on a couple of stalls before having to head back in. And it was a good chance to "live" some of the basic VFR weather minimums that apply to Sport Pilot. As the video shows, Adam took the opportunity to give me a little quiz along the way on minimums in Class E and G airspace. Note: if the viz part of my answer to what the minimums are for Class G Airspace seems off, it's not. This is a case in point of where the regs differ between Sport Pilot (clear of clouds and 3 miles viz) and other certifications, such as Private (clear of clouds and 1 mile viz).