STC for Avidyne Autopilot Is a First

Cessna’s Skylane is now eligible for DFC90 upgrade.


Avidyne AutopilotAspen

Cessna 182 operators with Aspen's Evolution 1000 Pro primary flight display (PFD) can now install Avidyne's DFC90 digital autopilot. Avidyne now has a supplemental type certificate for the interface, the first for a non-Entegra-equipped aircraft (with more in the pipeline).

The STC covers all 16 Skylane models that are on Aspen’s approved list for the $10,180 (plus installation) Evolution Pro PFD. The integration kit sells for $1,995. Avidyne’s DFC90 is priced at $9,995 plus installation, but it is a slide-in replacement for the STEC55X, using the existing tray, connectors and servos (Avidyne is working on its own servos, expected to be available next year).

Based on the same software package as Avidyne's Release 9 for its Entegra glass cockpit, the DFC90 has been modified to accept digital flight data from the Evolution PFD in the same way it does from the Avidyne sensors. The package can also display autopilot mode annunciations and alerts on the PFD. Pilots can use the autopilot's heading select, altitude select and vertical speed select modes, fed by data from the PFD's air data and attitude heading reference sensor (ADAHARS). For availability, contact any Avidyne or Aspen dealer.