WingX Pro7 Offers Interactive Weather

Aviation app provider teams with Baron Services.

WingX Pro7

WingX Pro7

** WingX Pro7**

The maker of WingX Pro7’s aviation app has teamed with Baron Services, the company behind the XM weather data service, to offer interactive weather features on an iPad or Android tablet.

A weather icon on the WingX Pro7 moving map brings down a menu with several options for weather data, such as Nexrad radar, satellite images, echo tops and surface wind speeds, to name a few. The selected data is overlaid on top of the moving map. Using WingX Pro7’s split screen, you can choose to display two weather features simultaneously to give yourself a better idea of what weather phenomena you may be exposed to.

Additionally, there are several settings that can be selected quickly through a settings icon on the weather menu. You can choose different levels of transparency, change the animation rate and even select a lower or higher resolution based on the quality of your network connection.

The weather data provided by Baron Services uses composite mosaic radar reflectivity, which uses multiple elevation radar-scans to produce a radar image rather than the one scan used by base reflectivity products. Baron Services claims that, because of the multiple scans, its product produces a more comprehensive and more accurate picture of severe weather. You should always be aware, however, that radar images can be delayed and may not represent the most current conditions.

The new version, Version 7, of WingX Pro7 also includes the ability to view your desired route on an approach chart and add waypoints and fixes directly to the route on the chart. Additionally, you can evaluate your approach by viewing a breadcrumb-style track directly on the chart.

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