Synthetic Vision Coming to ForeFlight Mobile

SV view compatible with Sporty's Stratus 2.

ForeFlight SVS

ForeFlight SVS

Synthetic vision is coming to ForeFlight Mobile, and from the early screenshots posted on the app maker's website the upgrade looks like it will be well worth the extra $25 a year the upgrade will cost subscribers.

The SVS update, set for release around the first of the year as part of ForeFlight Mobile Version 6.6, will include features like "luminous" terrain, night sky, FAA-styled runway numbers, and obstacle awareness system.

Synthetic Vision will be available as an add-on to a Standard or Pro subscription, in both the United States and Canada.

ForeFlight Mobile 6.6 is compatible with Sporty's Stratus 2 portable unit, which has a built-in AHRS that drives pitch and roll indications on the attitude indicator within the Synthetic Vision view. Stratus also delivers subscription-free weather, ADS-B traffic, and GPS position and attitude information — all from a wireless receiver that fits on top the glareshield.

Look for a review of ForeFlight's SVS offering as soon as it becomes available.

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