Stay Cool This Summer with Sporty’s Arctic Air

Portable air-conditioning systems are now available for the cockpit.

Air Conditioning Big
Air Conditioning Big

(July 2011) Now that summer is in full swing, Sporty's has a solution to hot cockpit syndrome. The company offers eight Arctic Air portable air-conditioning systems of varying sizes and prices. Since the units are portable, no STC is required for use in airplanes.

The air-conditioning units are electrically operated through a 12- or 24-volt power plug. Two settings are available — high and low — and Sporty’s claims that the units will reduce the cabin temperature by as much as 35 degrees on the high setting. A sizable box is filled with water and ice, which cools a coil. Ambient air flows through the cooled coil, and the cool air is then blown into the cabin.

The smallest unit is 30 quarts, weighs in at 34 pounds at full capacity and costs $495. By comparison, the largest unit has a 52-quart capacity, weighs 67 pounds when filled and costs $630.