As Paper Declines, FAA Studies E-Chart Pricing

Agents take over sales of aeronautical charting services.

FAA AeroNav Charts

FAA AeroNav Charts

Courtesy of FAA

If you haven't embraced digital chart apps, you might be disappointed to learn that as of October 1 you will no longer be able to order paper charts directly from the FAA. In a notice on its AeroNav Products website, the FAA explained that its decision to discontinue its direct-order paper service is an effort to "reduce costs, improve efficiencies and enhance and modernize the service provided our customers and the aviation community."

AeroNav subscription services have been phased out since July and current subscriptions will continue to be filled until their expiration dates. Once the FAA discontinues direct order services, paper charts will only be sold through authorized chart sales agents.

The FAA provides the charts in digital format free of charge on its website, something that is likely to change in the near future as the agency is in the process of verifying the cost and pricing for AeroNav charts and finalizing a proposal for digital pricing. Since some aeronautical charting app services use these charts, their cost is likely to increase once the FAA starts charging for its digital products.

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