MyGoFlight Introduces Universal Mounting Cradle

Use the same mount for any aviation tablet.

MyGoFlight Cradle
MyGoFlight CradleMyGoFlight

With technology constantly changing, you may use aviation apps on several platforms, some of which change shape with each new release. Whether you want to bring an iPad, an iPad Mini, a Samsung Galaxy or a Kindle Fire into the cockpit, you may have found you need a separate mount for each platform. But MyGoFlight has found a solution to the problem of the constantly changing formats. The Denver-based company has developed the Universal Cradle, which can be expanded or shrunk depending on the platform you choose to use, eliminating the need for multiple mounts.

The Universal Cradle can adjust to any tablet size through a simple sliding mechanism that is adjusted with quick release knobs. The cradle can attach to any of MyGoFlight’s mounts, such as suction mounts, yoke mounts or what MyGoFlight calls JetMounts, which are custom made for airplanes such as Gulfstreams, Boeings, Lears and Beechcrafts as well as non-jets such as TBMs and Pilatus aircraft.

Best of all, you can leave the tablet in its protective case when placing it in the cradle. And once it is mounted, the cradle can be easily rotated from landscape to portrait mode depending on your preference. The Universal Cradle sells for $99.

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