Lightspeed Introduces Flight Bag Line

Gear for 'modern pilot' includes iPad pockets and more.

Lightspeed Aviation Flight Bags

Lightspeed Aviation Flight Bags

Lightspeed Aviation Adventure Flight Bag collection

Headset maker Lightspeed is making the jump into the aviation flight gear market with the launch of the new Lightspeed Aviation Adventure Flight Bag collection.

The company says the high-end bags, one made of full-grain South American cowhide, and another of ballistic polyester with full grain cowhide accents, are designed for the "modern pilot." Each incorporates features like purpose-built pockets for headsets, iPads, portable cameras, transceivers, and water bottles, as well as rugged, but wing-friendly, textured PVC bottoms. There is also an optional organizer insert that when combined with any of the flight bags aids with keeping each item in its place.

"We saw an unmet need for flight bags that combine the best materials available while being highly functional for the equipment pilots carry today." said Teresa De Mers, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. "Our design process included an in-depth understanding from numerous pilots about what they would like to see in an updated version of the flight bag."

Each bag is inspired by the famous aviation author for whom it is named and the collection includes The Gann, The Markham, and The Antoine. Prices range from $179 to $249.

Check out to see the collection.

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