Jeppesen and Honeywell Launch Cloud-based Database Update Program

Primus Epic INAV and Apex operators can now update databases through the web.

Honeywell Primus Epic

Honeywell Primus Epic

Falcon 7X

Operators of Honeywell's Primus Epic Integrated Navigation (INAV) and Primus Apex avionics systems can now forget about memory sticks and other hardware used to update their avionics databases as charting giant Jeppesen and Honeywell Aerospace have joined forces on a new database update program. The Integrated Navigation Data Service (INDS) Data Manager (IDM) for Windows is cloud-based, making database updates more streamlined.

"Eliminating the need for shipment of physical media ensures quick delivery of critical flight data updates, reduces the potential for errors and improves the user experience," said Steve Kersh, senior director of Aerospace Services at Honeywell Aerospace.

"The IDM interface for Windows is intuitive, and with a secure network the application provides pilots and flight departments with quick access to critical data updates anywhere in the world," said Mike Abbott, director of Jeppesen navigation and flight deck programs.

Since the database update can take some time depending on the quality of the network connection, the system includes a feature that allows the downloading process to be paused, eliminating the need to start the entire update over.

The cost of a database subscription is the same whether using external hardware or the cloud-based updating system.

While the IDM is currently only available for Honeywell's Primus Epic INAV and Primus Apex-equipped aircraft other Honeywell avionics systems will be added to the program soon.

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