GoGo Biz Touts New Capabilities

Ground-to-air data provider rolls out extra features.

Gogo Vision Moving Map

Gogo Vision Moving Map

GoGo Business Aviation, for the moment the only air-to-ground data and voice service for business aircraft in North America, believes it has a crucial head start on the would-be competition, and is rolling out several new service features to keep customers satisfied.

The new competition includes airborne 4G LTE services from AT&T, as well as a startup company called Smart Sky that has partnered with Satcom Direct and others to bring affordable Internet to the airline- and bizjet-travelling masses.

GoGo, formerly AirCell, gave Flying a demo flight in a company Challenger 600 of its service recently, and the results were the same as every time we've tested the network since it came online: It works great. If you use GoGo inflight on airline flights, you know what we're talking about. Value-added features like GoGo's text and talk app for business aviation only add to the positive experience.

The company this week announced a new moving map for GoGo Vision, a Netflix-style entertainment service that brings movies, TV shows and more to the cabin for viewing on passengers' personal tablets through the UCS 5000 router/media server.

GoGo also announced that Dassault has selected the company's Iridium-based FANS (future air navigation system) solution for Falcon 900, 2000 and 7X models with the EASy II cockpit.

As far as GoGo Biz's would-be competition, we'll see what the future has in store, but GoGo's long market headstart (the company now has more than 800 employees and earns over $400 million in annual revenue) combined with cool new features for business jet customers and award-winning product support certainly have a nice ring.

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