Garmin Virb Accessorized

Package of action cam extras geared toward pilots.

Garmin Virb Accessories

Garmin Virb Accessories

** Garmin's Virb Action Camera and accessories**

At its Tuesday morning Sun 'n Fun press conference Garmin's aftermarket manager Jim Alpiser announced the availability of accessories for Garmin's hot selling and long battery-life Virb action cam, a move that puts the new product on even better footing compared with the ubiquitous GoPro cam.

The two new Garmin accessories are both ones that Virb pilot-owners have been asking for. The first is a neutral density filter designed to get rid of the annoying and odd looking propeller arc artifacts that make solid steel somehow look like rubber. Don’t ask us how that happens, but the new Garmin filter promises to make it go away. The filter sells for $49.99.

The other accessory is a special cable that lets you record audio through your headset, so you can include the audio coming through the audio panel, including your communications with ATC and among pilots and passengers. Cost of the headset cable is also $49.99. Garmin has also put together a number of packages for the Virb that bundle together the elite model Virb and a number of other accessories, including the new D2 pilot watch, that can act as a remote control for up to 10 Virbs.

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