ForeFlight Announces New Features

Software update to bring advanced preflight options and tracking capabilities.

ForeFlight Tracklog

ForeFlight Tracklog

Aviation software producer ForeFlight announced at the Flying Aviation Expo in Palm Springs, California, that it is in the final Apple review phase for its latest software update, which will bring additional capabilities to the already feature-packed software.

ForeFlight Version 6.4 will introduce performance preflight planning capabilities, allowing the user to estimate taxi and takeoff, climb, cruise and descent performance to help make more accurate fuel burn and estimated time enroute calculations.

Version 6.4 will also expand on ForeFlight's sync capabilities. Sync transfers your personal information and aircraft profile data from one device to another to eliminate the need to enter the same information twice. The software will also sync flight plans so that you can switch from one device to another during preflight planning, allowing you to start the flight planning process on one device then continue the process and file a flight plan from another device, if so desired.

ForeFlight is also expanding on its tracking feature, which allows you to record your flight through the Stratus 2 ADS-B receiver. The Stratus 2 records position, speed and altitude data, which can be transferred to ForeFlight's software and viewed in a graphical format on any portable device or computer. The data can then be analyzed and debriefed — a great tool for flight instructors to help students perform maneuvers with greater precision.

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