Five Cool Pilot Bags

The perfect cockpit gear for every pilot personality.

When it comes to pilot gear, long gone are the years when the whiz wheel and bulky electronics ruled the day. The recent introduction of tablets, compact personal cameras and smart watches, along with a slew of other products, has changed the way we fly, giving us new information at our fingertips, new ways to ensure our safety and ultimately new ways to enjoy our time in the air. Now more than ever, pilots have the luxury of a nearly endless array of flying products from which to choose, not to mention a variety of top-quality bags with which to carry the gear. For those navigating the marketplace for some new pilot swag or those simply taking notes for their flight bag wish list, we're here to help. To that end, we've put together five different flight bags jampacked with products geared toward a wide range of pilot personalities. Whether you're someone who prefers to minimize baggage by carrying just the essentials or someone who would rather have the latest high-tech gadgets on hand in flight, these bags offer something for everyone.


A lighter load that packs a punch.

13-inch shoulder bag that gets softer with age | Tan, waxed, cotton canvas | Zipper internal pocket and two exterior pockets | Multiple color options | $239

An ultralight headset with great sound | Dual balanced-armature speakers | 29 db to 47 db noise reduction | Head weight under 2 ounces | $525

Apple's reliable product in a more compact package | 7.9-inch retina display | 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB options | Wi-Fi plus cellular | from $299

The one-stop shop for all preflight and inflight planning | Maps and charts | Inflight weather | AF/D | Terrain awareness | from $74.99 per year

Subscription-free weather at a bargain price | ADS-B traffic | Attitude indicator | GPS | $899

Real-time tracking for enhanced safety and communication | Bluetooth | Watch automated tracking | Speed up and slow down messages | $1,795

Stellar video from a smaller and lighter action cam | 4K video | 12 MP photos | Wi-Fi | Waterproof | $399.99


The ultimate in portable tech.

A combination backpack/briefcase with a place for everything | Compartment for laptop and tablet | Multiple mesh pockets | Headset storage for two | $159

Incredible comfort and quietude | Active noise reduction | 15.7 ounces | Bluetooth | 5-year warranty | $850

Subscription-free weather and much, much more | Attitude indicator | Bluetooth | GPS | ADS-B traffic | $849

An action cam that delivers stellar video and lasts longer | HD 1080p | 3-hour battery life | Water resistant | GPS data | from $249.99

A watch that lets you ditch the smartphone Galaxy products compatible | 1.63-inch screen | 1.9 MP camera | $199.99

Top of the line Android tablet | WQXGA display | Multiwindow | Wi-Fi plus cellular | $529

The go-to electronic flight bag for Android devices | Nexrad | ADS-B traffic | AF/D | From $75/year

Pocket-size GPS emergency messenger for a bargain price | Motion activated tracking | Custom messaging | Unlimited tracking | $169.95


Where luxury and utility meet.



An incredibly light, versatile bag on wheels | 6001 aluminum frame | Extendible handle | Rear pocket panel | $229.95

A purpose-built aviation headset from one of audio's most trusted names | Hybrid active noise canceling | Map light LEDs | $1,099

A stunning retina display in an unbelievably thin package | 9.7-inch retina display | 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB models | Wi-Fi plus -cellular | From $499

A great-performing EFB that goes with a large array of portables | Synthetic vision | Interactive weather | AF/D | $99/year

Sophisticated style for true professionals | 48 mm diameter | Black titanium | Caliber -Breitling 17 | $5,100

All-in-one portable for info on any device | ADS-B weather | Traffic | AHRS | iOS/Android compatible | $1,195


No-fuss reliability and style.



A time-tested navigation essential | 2-inch leather binder | Steel hinges | Safety lock | Binder: $100; USA chart service: $1,388

Proven sound and consistency | Soft head pad | M-7A noise-canceling microphone | $345

A bag with unmatched American craftsmanship | 8-ounce saddle leather | Shoulder pad | Adjustable strap | $1,175

Ultra user-friendly portable radio | Built-in weather receiver | Full ILS display | 5-year warranty | $369

Easy to read, a -pleasure to wear | Stainless steel | Caliber H-31 | 41 mm diameter | $995

The ultimate classic pilot eyewear | 100 percent UV -protection | Prescription ready | $150


Must-haves for learners on the move.



Organization with fliers in mind | Tablet sleeve | Headset pocket | Laptop compartment | $64.95

Great fit for all-day wear | Active noise reduction | 1-inch-thick ear cushions | Auto shut-off | $569

Guaranteed vision both in and out of the cockpit 9-volt battery | Red, white, off modes | $24.99

The tablet that started it all | 9.7-inch retina display | 16 GB | Wi-Fi plus -cellular | $399

Easy-to-use electronic flight bag with a slim price | Charts | Route planning | Weather | $49/year

Accurate time-telling on the fly | Shock resistant | 200 m water resistant | Auto LED light | $99

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