Aircell Adds Movies, Text and Talk to Gogo Service

Gogo Vision first service of its kind for business aviation.

Gogo Vision

Gogo Vision

Aircell has rolled out several notable upgrades and enhancements to its Gogo in-flight Internet services, starting with Gogo Vision, a Netflix-style entertainment service for the cabin, plus a new IP-based talk and text service that can link directly with passengers' personal smartphones.

Gogo Vision in an on-demand in-flight entertainment and information service for the business aviation market launched at the NBAA Convention this week. The first service of its kind for business jets, it offers a rotating library of the latest movies and TV episodes, along with news, flight progress information and destination weather. Content is stored in an onboard server and can be streamed directly to personal electronic devices such as tablets and laptops. The library of content can be refreshed as often as the aircraft owner chooses anytime the airplane is on the ground within range of a Wi-Fi signal or the Gogo Cloud, available at select Signature Flight Support FBOs.

Gogo Vision requires one-time software update for current customers of $14,995. After that, the monthly fee is $395 plus $10 per movie. Aircell has agreements with several major studios to offer the latest in-flight movies, some available before they even hit theaters.

The Gogo text and talk service, meanwhile, requires a one-time software key that costs $9,995. Service plans start at $134.95 per month. An Aircell app provides the ability to make calls and send text messages in flight.

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