TBM 850 Elite Goes All Glass

L-3’s Trilogy ESI-2000 is added as backup instrument.

TBM 850 Elite

TBM 850 Elite

Daher-Socata has unveiled the 2013 version of the TBM 850 Elite featuring an all-glass avionics panel. The L-3 Avionics Trilogy ESI-2000 solid-state electronic standby instrument will now provide backup flight information for the Garmin G1000 integrated avionics system that graces the TBM 850 cockpit.

The ESI-2000’s 3.7-inch liquid crystal display replaces the three traditional round-gauge backup instruments and is mounted above the G1000 PFD, making it easy for the pilot to transition his or her focus from the main display to the backup should a failure occur. The battery inside the ESI-2000 is capable of providing a minimum of one and up to four hours of power for the unit. Following emergency use, the unit recharges itself through the airplane’s electrical system and the ESI-2000 alerts the pilot when the battery needs to be replaced.

Two interior color selections are now available and perforations have been added in the seatbacks to improve cooling for those aboard the TBM 850 Elite, which was introduced last year. Owners can quickly reconfigure the cabin by removing the rear seats for additional cargo space and rotating the middle seats forward. The middle seats can be removed as well. Some customers remove one middle seat to make it easier to move from the large air-stair cabin door, which is located behind the wing, to the cockpit.

A luxury package for the TBM 850 Elite includes plusher leather, a storage cabinet, wooden and carbon fiber fittings and 14-volt power plugs. The package also includes a five-year/1,000-hour maintenance plan. Other new options include a GPS-linked ELT and a pulsed light system to make the airplane more visible in the airport environment.