New Engine Indicator Makes Debut

CGR-30P fits into standard instrument slot.

Electronics International CGR-30P

Electronics International CGR-30P

** CGR-30P**

The FAA has granted TSO approval for Electronics International’s CGR-30P. This multi-colored “cluster gauge replacement” unit is an electronic display designed to replace several primary aircraft instruments in certified airplanes. According to EI the CGR-30P is approved to replace the tachometer and the unit slots right into a standard 3 1/8-inch instrument hole.

The instrument also displays manifold pressure, fuel flow, oil pressure and temperature, and CHT and EGT bar graphs, to name a few. The CGR-30P offers four screen views, which allow for easier viewing of multiple functions: a main screen, a secondary screen, a GPS data screen and a fuel quantity screen. EI claims the unit is viewable in direct sunlight and backlighting is available to improve readability at night.

Several packages and a wide variety of options are available for the CGR-30P. The cost for the instrument starts at $3,596 for four-cylinder engines and $4,217 for six-cylinder engines. A second display can be added for an additional cost of $2,900.

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