Garmin Launches GTS 8000 TCAS II

Garmin’s latest traffic alerter includes ADS-B technology and resolution advisories.

Garmin 8000

Garmin GTS 8000 TCAS II

Garmin is continuing its relentless march up-market with the introduction of the GTS 8000 traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS II) for transport category aircraft.

Garmin’s latest traffic alerter, launched at the NBAA Convention, meets the most recent TCAS II/ACAS II standardization requirements, including Change 7.1 compliance, now being adopted throughout much of the world. The product launch also gives business jet OEMs one more reason to consider Garmin’s increasingly broad array of Part 25 avionics for large jets.

The GTS 8000 provides visual and aural instructions to avoid an immediate conflict, what are termed Resolution Advisories (RA), commanding a rapid climb or descent to avoid conflicting traffic.

The GTS 8000 also incorporates ADS-B In technology, traffic information from which can be displayed on Garmin’s G5000, G3000, and G1000 integrated flight decks, as well as a variety of cockpit displays. Additional traffic symbology can be displayed on Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology-equipped PFDs.

The GTS 8000 has received Technical Standard Order (TSO) certification and will be included as standard equipment on the Cessna Citation Ten, Latitude, Longitude and Sovereign and the Bombardier Learjet 70 and Learjet 75.