Bendix/King Introduces KLR 10 Angle of Attack Instrument

The affordable AOA Gauge will install easily.

KLR 10

KLR 10

Bendix/King is gaining speed in its attempt to bring its brand back to a competitive position against the formidable competition. At a press conference on the first day of the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh show, Bendix/King's Roger Jollis announced a brand new product, the KLR 10 Lift Reserve Indicator, which is indeed an angle of attack indicator.

The unit, which carries a price of $1,600, is just for experimental airplanes for now, but the company says it is already working to expand the approval status to cover certified airplanes too, though it gave no definite timetable for that program. The KLR 10 also includes audio annunciation, warning pilots then their angle of attacks gets close to the danger zone.

At the press conference Bendix/King also announced it was closing in on certification for its long-awaited, much delayed KSN770 multifunction receiver, with hoped for approval by year end. It also announced a pared down version, the KSN765, which sells for about a thousand dollars less than the 770 and lacks the navcom capability.

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