Garmin Offers More for G1000-equipped King Airs

Upgrades bring legacy G1000s new capabilities.

King Air G1000

King Air G1000

Garmin G1000

Beechcraft King Air pilots and operators now have an opportunity to upgrade their Garmin G1000 panels with new functions. King Air 200 and 300 series operators who have been craving G1000 upgrades such as Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), Jeppesen’s ChartView charting system and Electronic Stability and Protection system (ESP), which helps the pilot maintain a stable flying condition even with the autopilot off, can upgrade to the Platinum Package. Garmin is offering a special promotion on the package until Jan. 15, 2015. The cost is $29,995, saving operators $16,000 over the regular price.

Starting in mid-November, upgrades will also be available for G1000-equipped King Air C90 airplanes. They include ADS-B Out compliance and Barometric Vertical Navigation (Baro-VNAV) approach, user-defined holds and area navigation (RNAV) capabilities. There are also new functions specifically designed for search and rescue missions that allow the pilot to generate flight plans based search patterns.

King Air customers who don’t already have the G1000 can upgrade their panels through and aftermarket STC.

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