Piper Introduces iPad POH App

ATP co-opts with OEM on project.

Piper said it will unveil its new iPad-based Pilots Operating Handbook (POH) app at AOPA Summit later this month. The project, which will start with Piper’s M-class and twin-engine models, uses Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP) HubConnect app.

Piper vice president of sales and marketing Drew McEwen said, “Our collaboration with ATP gives the owners and operators of Piper airplanes the most up-to-date, convenient and proven access to data necessary for safe and efficient operation of their aircraft.”

The new technology will not only cut down on paper manuals, but also provide more information for aircraft operators. POH databases will be updated daily via the Internet and will include service bulletins, airworthiness directives, special airworthiness information and advisory circular alerts on maintenance issues.

They will also include a library of maintenance publications and regulatory documents related to the specific aircraft types.

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