Lightspeed Adds Zulu PFX to Trade-up Program

Zulu PFX Headset | Buy It Now Lightspeed

Lightspeed has added its recently introduced Zulu PFX active noise reduction headset to its headset trade-up program. The purchase of the $1,100 headset qualifies for a credit of up to $400 for customers who trade in their old headset, whether it is a Lightspeed headset or not. The level of credit depends on the quality of the headset that is being turned in.

Lightspeed's trade-up program also includes the Zulu.2 and Sierra ANR headsets, which sell for $850 and $600 respectively. All three headsets are compatible with Lightspeed's Flightlink iPad app, which allows you to record and replay ATC communications. This function can be particularly useful when obtaining a lengthy IFR clearance. Rather than taking up airtime asking ATC for clarification, you can simply replay the instructions on the iPad to make sure you got it right. The replay function is also a good learning tool as you can permanently store and replay communications from the flight.

The PFX headset can connect with the Flightlink app via Bluetooth and also allows the user to optimize the sound for different airplanes and users. Audio setups for three personal profiles can be stored.

See Robert Goyer's review of the PFX headset in the November issue of Flying.

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