Jeppesen Mobile FlightDeck VFR Adds Weather Feature

Forecast overlay helps pilots with decision making.

Jeppesen announced today that it is adding new capabilities to its Mobile FliteDeck VFR app for the iPad. The upgrades are designed to help pilots with their route planning and decision making during the preflight and while in flight.

The most prominent new feature of the Mobile FliteDeck VFR 2.0 version is the graphical weather forecast. “We designed our new graphical weather data overlay feature from scratch,” said Tim Huegel, director of Jeppesen’s aviation portfolio management. Color-coded weather data, using green, yellow, orange and red, is presented in an overlay. As with other data on the screen, greater detail is obtained by pinching and zooming.

With version 2.0, preflight and inflight planning will also become more streamlined as Jeppesen has incorporated winds aloft into the NavLog feature. The new weather feature also adds a “weather controller” slider bar that allows you to quickly toggle between color-coded forecast weather, winds aloft and other weather data. While the weather feature is available in flight, the data is based on high fidelity forecast data, not real time weather.

Jeppesen has also improved its temporary flight restriction (TFR) data display with airspace labels, altitude limits and effective times. Additionally, bearing and distance information for all waypoints and airports is now available.

Jeppesen’s flight app does not use the commonplace sectional chart depiction for its moving map but rather a proprietary map with custom chart symbols designed specifically for the iPad.

You can download the Mobile FliteDeck VFR from the App Store for free and try it out for 30 days. A one-year subscription costs $49.

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