Hilton Software’s Traca Enables Flight Path Drawing

New Wing X Pro app feature allows you to draw your path on the screen.

Hilton Software has introduced a nifty new aviation app feature that takes rubber banding to a whole new level. Named Traca, the feature allows the user to draw a flight path right on the screen. Rather than going from airport to airport or fix to fix, you can simply draw the intended track. The feature is particularly useful for getting around terrain or restricted airspace as you don’t need to enter multiple fixes along the route. For sightseeing missions, you can draw a path around a point of interest.

While currently only available on the WingX Pro 7 app, the technology would be extremely useful for touch enabled panel mounted avionics, where the pilot could draw a planned route and have the autopilot fly it. Designed for the aviation market, Hilton Software said the feature would also transfer well to cars, boats and other vehicle or non-vehicle GPS-based navigation.

To use Traca, you need to update your WingX Pro 7 software to version 8.5. Check out this video to see how it works.

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