Get Instant Optimal Shade

iShades offer customers seamless control over window light.

(April 2011) InspecTech Aero Service’s electrically dimmable iShade uses a light-control film that is laminated between structural aircraft windows and dust covers to manage the amount of light coming into the passenger cabin of turboprops, business jets, helicopters and transport category aircraft. Various degrees of tint, from zero to 99.96 percent of light blockage, can be applied, giving instant control of the light, glare and heat entering the cabin, and offering full passenger privacy. InspecTech recently launched an option to control the iShade with an iPad or iPhone app, allowing the passenger to manage any of the windows in the cabin without having to get out of the seat.

In addition to the app, iShade control options include dimmer switches for each passenger or a main control switch for the flight crew. There is also an automatic tinting option, similar to Transitions eyeglass lenses, that immediately selects the optimal amount of tint for the current light condition without manual input. The iShade light-controlled film technology was developed by Research Frontiers Inc. and is called SPD.

iShades are the first and only instantly dimmable windows flying today and have already been installed in 25 aircraft including models by Airbus, Hawker Beechcraft, Gulfstream and Sikorsky.


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