ForeFlight Mobile Pro Adds Dynamic New Features

The leading app keeps getting better.

The leading iOS app, ForeFlight, continues to get cool new features, and the latest ones up the ante considerably, making ForeFlight the most dynamic app available on any platform. In this case, “dynamic” means an app that is not only hard hitting but also constantly updating as you go. The first new feature, called Flight Notifications, keeps the pilot updated on changing weather warnings and other special alerts. The new feature uses a built-in sync capability in ForeFlight to send the pilot a heads-up to changing conditions not only to the iPad but to all the pilot’s ForeFlight enabled devices.

In an email to Flying, ForeFlight co-founder and CEO Tyson Weihs described a recent real-life notification that paid dividends: “On a recent flight, an icing Airmet popped up just before [ForeFlight co-founder] Jason Miller took off, and he got the alert in ForeFlight Mobile on his iPad and iPhone,” which caused Miller to reassess his current plan. Such alerts, said Weihs, “Are like getting an updated briefing from a briefer whenever something changes,” as opposed to only when the pilot calls in. The technology has the promise of integrating with low-cost in-cockpit internet services to provide such alerts real time in flight.

The second new feature is ForeFlight’s Notam advisor for instrument procedures, which alerts the pilot to Notams that affect approaches at airports on the pilot’s flight plan.

“When we started using this feature, it was (re)-eye-opening how easy it is to miss a procedure Notam,” noted Weihs. Notam Advisor “grabs” all the Notams for an instrument procedure and displays them right on the chart, making it far easier for pilots to spot when a Notam might affect the approach. The new features come standard with ForeFlight Mobile 6.5.

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