Van’s Aircraft Spells Out Touchscreen Options

In typical no-nonsense fashion, Van's Aircraft has issued a special edition of its customer newsletter to inform RV-12 kit builders of new avionics options. Dynon and Garmin both recently announced touchscreen versions of their SkyView and G3X systems. Van's laid out the price and delivery details as they currently know them, including a set of frequently asked questions.

Dynon SkyView Touch: Van's advises its E-LSA and EAB RV-12 customers that SkyView Touch is available as of April 1, and will be a $395 option on the RV-12 avionics kit order form. Van's advises customers who already have the non-Touch version of SkyView to "RETURN THE UNIT TO DYNON" (their capital letters) for a $795 upgrade to Touch, if they so desire.

Van's also advises that it could be "several months" before Dynon's accompanying knob and autopilot control heads are available to RV-12 builders or buyers. For S-LSA customers, the control heads will be a $950 option on their price list. Again using capital letters, the release prominently directs Van's customers to contact Dynon with all questions about the features and performance of the new products.

Garmin G3X Touch: Van's stresses it can make no promises on price or delivery for the newest Garmin product. According to the statement, "We do not anticipate any kit deliveries prior to June/July/Oshkosh/Christmas 2014/Valentine's Day 2015… take your pick. Until the kit is ready to deliver we will not have a price." But Van's has jointly collaborated with Garmin to install a G3X Touch system in an RV-12, which will be on display at Sun-n-Fun. As with Dynon, Van's urges customers to contact Garmin directly for information on the features and performance of the G3X Touch.

Van's did say it intends to offer a second-screen option for G3X installations, though the second display will not be fully redundant as it will link to the same ADAHRS and GPS and magnetometer as the primary screen.

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Mark Phelps is a senior editor at AVweb. He is an instrument rated private pilot and former owner of a Grumman American AA1B and a V-tail Bonanza.

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