ForeFlight iPad App Goes to College

Popular app maker announces deal for students.

ForeFlight has announced a deal for students at the University of North Dakota and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University to get ForeFlight Mobile Pro, the all-in-one planning, navigation, data and weather app, as part of their student package.

The deal, part of ForeFlight’s expanding educational license program, underscores the importance of the company’s announcement earlier this year of a couple of new capabilities, cloud storage and documents.

Both universities’ flight programs will use ForeFlight not just to give their students easy access to the latest charts, weather and airport information but also to easily distribute program documents among thousands of students, which will greatly cut down on the costs and hassle associated with paper distribution. As part of the agreement, ForeFlight will use data from students at UND and ERAU to study the safety and cockpit resource management effects of using mobile devices, like iPads, in the cockpit, a topic about which relatively little is known.


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