FAA Certifies Avidyne IFD540 FMS

Avidyne IFD540

Avidyne has received FAA certification of its long-awaited touchscreen IFD540 GPS navcom, allowing installations to begin in hundreds of aircraft types under an approved model list STC.

The IFD540 flight management system is the flagship product of Avidyne's previously announced family of panel-mounted avionics, which also includes the AMX240 audio panel and the AXP340 mode S ADS-B transponder, shipping now. A smaller version of the IFD540 called the IFD440 is planned for availability later this year.

"The IFD540 adds significant improvements in functionality and ease of use, while providing huge cost and time savings for a large number of aircraft owners looking to upgrade their obsolete GPS systems," said Dan Schwinn, Avidyne's president and CEO. "Our plug-and-play strategy opens up a huge market for aircraft owners who want new features like rubber-band flight plan editing, WAAS and ADS-B, but at a lower cost and with quicker installs."

The IFD540 is designed as a replacement for owners of older Garmin GNS530 avionics, while the IFD440 replaces the Garmin GNS430.

The IFD540 is priced $16,995 and is shipping now. The IFD440 will be priced at $14,995 when it hits the market. A 16-watt transmit-power upgrade for IFD540 and IFD440 costs $4,995, and is available for 28-volt DC installations only. Antennas are sold separately.

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