Avidyne Opens IFD540/440 to App Developers

Avidyne WiFi Avidyne

Avidyne is opening up the wireless data transfer capability of its flagship IFD540 and IFD440 GPS navigators to app developers by introducing software developer kits that will enable the creation of software applications for the units.

"Our IFD540 and IFD440 each come with integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability at no charge," said Avidyne president and CEO Dan Schwinn. "Our open-architecture software developer kit makes the data stream available not only for professional app developers — several of whom we are already working with — but also for students, flight schools and even hobbyists who want to create new and innovative solutions for the pilot community."

Avidyne has created two software developer levels, Tier 1 for developers who wish to create apps that only receive wireless data from the IFD540 and 440 boxes, and Tier 2 who plan to create apps that send data back to the avionics.

Tier 1 software developers can sign up for the free software developer kit on Avidyne's website, while Tier 2 app developers will require additional vetting and testing to ensure the software works properly with the avionics.

Schwinn said the Tier 1 software developer kits will be available within a few weeks. Avidyne is currently working with "four or five" Tier 2 app developers, with the first software expected to be ready for initial testing in the next few months, he said.

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