Feds Issue Advisory on Small Airplane Terror Threat

Remarkable warning, says FBI, is “routine.”



The FBI and Department of Homeland Security a few days ago issued a warning that small airplanes might be used as improvised flying devices against civilian targets by terrorists looking to make a deadly statement on the 10th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The advisory went on to say that there was no overt threat at present, just a pattern of stated intention by operatives over the years to use light airplanes for attacks.

The concern over the use of a light plane in such a way predates Sept. 11. In 1994 a distraught man flew a Cessna 150 into the side of the White House, killing himself in the process and causing a small amount of property damage. A troubled teenager shortly after the 9/11 attacks flew a Cessna 172 into the side of a bank building in Tampa, Florida. He also died in the process and damaged the building as well. Last year a distraught Austin, Texas, man flew a Cherokee Dakota into an IRS building in Austin, killing himself and one IRS worker. The fire that resulted caused major damage to the structure.

The bulletin was published, said the Department of Homeland Security, in order to alert those in GA to maintain vigilance as the 10 year anniversary of the attacks approach.

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